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Some Businesses We've Helped

Fwd logo

Founded by tech leaders including Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates, the FWD platform provides a suite of tools for people to contact their representatives, leveraging technology to push for meaningful political change. We were tasked with upgrading and scaling the existing solution to handle a rapidly growing audience of constituents using tech to communicate views to their representatives.

Sibley logo

Renowned for their advancements in healthcare standards, the Johns Hopkins hospital network also boasts a world-class innovation lab where new and novel technology-based solutions are conceived to improve patient care and outcomes. As part of this initiative, we were hired to use augmented reality technologies to explore solutions to improve patient comfort.

Eei logo

Representing all U.S. investor-owned electric companies, the Edison Electric Institute is constantly pushing for reliable, affordable, and sustainable electricity solutions. EEI needed a better way to showcase their these energy solutions and hired us to create an immersive smart city experience that could be explored in virtual reality, allowing them to easily showcase their tech, iterate on concepts, and bring their ideas to life.

Rex logo

A leading online brokerage platform, REX is leading the adoption of virtual reality within a stereotypically lagging industry of real estate. To do this, we provided REX with a custom, mobile-friendly VR solution that allows visitors to take virtual tours of any property through their phone.

Trustify logo

Trustify is the leading technology platform for connecting customers with on-demand, affordable, vetted private investigators across the nation. They brought us on to revamp their onboarding process for new customers, reducing the time to purchase and simplifying the overall experience.

Klowdtv logo

KlowdTV gives users an array of on-demand sports channels to select from, with the ability to pick the channels you want to pay for and live stream them to almost any device. After building a successful web presence, KlowdTV came to us to build a mobile app for users to access their channels from any device on the go.

Supercook logo

Supercook takes your left over ingredients and instantly finds matching recipes from the most popular cooking websites. We helped spearhead a complete redesign of the web app and made it responsive for mobile devices so users could easily use the product on the go.

Goodseeker logo

GoodSeeker is a storytelling platform for companies looking to leverage stories from stakeholders and attract great talent and customers. With a rapidly growing user base, GoodSeeker came to us to build their mobile product to provide their customers with an easy, on-demand means of capturing stories in the moment.

Glamhive logo

Glamhive catalogues your favorite outfits and turns them into shoppable products that buyers can easily click through to purchase, giving you a cut of the reward for being a brand evangelist. With a stable web presence and early mobile prototype, Glamhive came to us to help lead a rewrite of their mobile application with a focus on scale and performance.

Internal Projects

Notionvr logo

We launched the first virtual reality arcade on the east coast in an effort to bring high-end VR to the masses, helping to pioneer the virtual reality arcade trend.

Hapticglove logo

Our haptic glove landed us a feature exhibit at the most recent MIT Tech Conference where we showcased the potential for immersive experiences using tactile feedback peripherals.

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