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How we helped Supercook rewrite their web application to be responsive for mobile devices and performant at scale



How often have you thrown away leftover ingredients? Can you count the number of times you’ve over indulged at the grocery store and weeks later found yourself throwing away expired food? Everyone is guilty of doing this, even the founding team at Supercook which sparked their desire to create a solution to solve the problem of food waste.

Prior to contacting us, Keith & Assaf (founders) had already made headlines with their early product but knew that in order to capitalize on the lead they had gained, changes had to be made for the application to scale and grow at unicorn speeds, something NotionTheory is well known for delivering.

The user experience had to be revisited to account for future feature development and the product needed to be adapted to provide a seamless experience for every stakeholder involved.

Supercook ingredient list and filters

"We chose NotionTheory because of their ability to deliver quality products in record time"

Keith - Cofounder @ Supercook

Process 1

Product experience based on customer needs

Before we got into the thick of rebuilding the existing web application, we took time to revisit the user experience and identify what the core value proposition was for Supercook users, how they frequently used the existing application, and whether the current product experience was matching the original core value proposition.

After identifying the customer’s core needs, we then moved into rethinking the product experience workflow and brand direction. We worked in collaboration with Stonetable to conceptualize and design theme and layout possibilities. After deciding on a final version, it was time to get our development team to work on implementation.

Supercook website ingredients pantry
Process 2

Mobile responsive web app for users on the go

With the revised user experience and product interface, we then began implementing the the new redesign into the existing web application. This involved heavy refactoring of the existing application to account for new feature development and a rethemed experience which provided a more natural, seamless interface for adding ingredients and finding available recipes.

Process 3

Iterate based on customer feedback and deliver

Following the initial completion of the application, the product was beta tested with a subset of customers to collect feedback and from this, we iterated on the product until the green light was given to launch it to the masses.

Supercook responsive design for mobile