Why Notiontheory?

  • Book by Flatart from the Noun Project Expertise

    Carrying decades of experience in spatial computing, our team is well-versed in executing the full production pipeline to deliver market-ready spatial computing solutions within an organization or to the masses.

  • Telescope by Flatart from the Noun Project Insight

    As global educators in the field of spatial computing, we build our products using the same best practices in design, architecture, security, development, and performance we recommend to the companies we train.

  • Globe by Flatart from the Noun Project Support

    We've worked with some of the largest organizations in the world to support and scale spatial computing applications at all levels. This experience has given us the know-how to anticipate needs ahead of time for smooth development cycles.

Why Spatial Computing?

The rapid onset of augmented, mixed, and virtual reality technologies are introducing experiences that seamlessly merge our physical and virtual spaces to a degree where the two are indistinguishable. The expansion of technology to encompass our environment is what we reference as Spatial Computing.

  • Accelerated Training Time

    Spatial computing solutions have been helping organizations optimize employee performance and education through analysis of real-time interactions, providing an immediate feedback loop to maximize learning and address mistakes at the point of error.

  • Unparalleled Data Insights

    Advanced spatial computing features such as eye tracking, hand tracking, audio capture, and biometrics have given organizations an unprecedented level of insight into the behavioral patterns of trainees through enriched data capture.

  • Reduced Operational Costs

    Companies have successfully used spatial computing solutions to reduce operational costs associated with equipment transport, product assembly, employee travel, on-site troubleshooting, workforce collaboration, and more.

  • Improved Safety

    Spatial computing offers a consequence-free environment, creating the perfect solution to organziations looking to provide opportunities where employees can learn from mistakes without jeporadizing the safety of themelves or others.

Technology and Platforms We Support

  • Augmented Reality

    We use Augmented Reality to create interactable and informative solutions where virtual content is superimposed in a real-world environment through a mobile device. Using the latest ARKit (iOS) and ARCore (Android) SDKs, we can scale these solutions across any iOS and Android device.

  • Mixed Reality

    We use Mixed Reality to create context-aware solutions where virtual content respects real-world boundaries and objects. Mixed Reality headsets like the Magic Leap One and Microsoft Hololens provide a hands-free experience ideal for training, education, and collaboration.

  • Virtual Reality

    We use virtual reality to create life-like solutions that simulate a wide range of environments, scenarios, and situations to benefit training, education, collaboration, and research. Solution environments can range from realistic to stylized, and can be configured to support single-user or multi-user scenarios.

Standard Project Sizes

  • Basic Demo

    You need to get buy-in from your team or client about how spatial computing can help your business in order to get funding for a proof of concept or larger project.

    Average Turnaround time    →    2 - 4 weeks
  • Small Project

    You have a small-scale spatial computing application in mind with a specific and narrow feature set that you're ready to build. You want to deliver a more polished experience that's still budget friendly.

    Average Turnaround time    →    4 - 8 weeks
  • Large Project

    You have a more complex spatial computing application that requires extra attention-to-detail in order to deliver. The feature set is sophisticated, likely including new innovations that either haven't been done before or are specific to your business needs. You've already done the homework of identifying the general project specifications and need an expert team to come in and execute to achieve the intended ROI.

    Average Turnaround time    →    8 - 16 weeks
  • Enterprise Project

    You're ready to pursue a large-scale execution and deployment of your spatial computing application across your organization. You may have started with a proof of concept to get buy-in or validated the idea with a small scale project. Now your organization needs an expert team to take the application to the next stage for the full solution, including deep integration with your company's existing infrastructure.

    Average Turnaround time    →    16 weeks +

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