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  • Virtual Reality

    Training, education, sales, film, and games are only a handful of industries being transformed by virtual reality technologies. With its ability to deliver up to 75% increased retention over traditional media, virtual reality makes a greater impact on your audience than traditional methods by being a living, breathing experience they can reach out and touch.

    Whether your company is looking to increase sales, spark a new marketing effort, improve a business objective ROI, or educate an entire workforce, VR offers a unique intersection of detailed visualizations with fully-immersive interaction that can be enjoyed solo or as a group.

    Supported Platforms

  • Augmented Reality

    The average consumer is walking around with an AR-enabled smartphone in their pocket, and with an estimated 1.6 billion AR-enabled devices coming in 2019, new technologies like ARKit and ARCore and making it easier than ever to distribute new and novel experiences, at scale, to the masses through mobile phones.

    Additionally, companies like Microsoft and Magic Leap offer high-performance AR headsets that blend the physical and virtual worlds seamlessly. These headsets enable companies and developers to create 360 degree overlays within an environment for training, education, sales, and marketing purposes.

    Supported Platforms

Standard Project Sizes

While all of our projects are custom-made, we typically find that new projects fall into 1 of 4 categories:

  • Basic Demo

    You need to get buy-in from your team or client about how AR+VR can help your business in order to get funding for a proof of concept or larger project.

    Average Turnaround time    →    2 - 4 weeks
  • Small Project

    You have a small-scale AR+VR application in mind with a specific and narrow feature set that you're ready to build. You want to deliver a more polished experience that's still budget friendly.

    Average Turnaround time    →    4 - 8 weeks
  • Large Project

    You have a more complex AR+VR application that requires extra attention to detail in order to deliver. The feature set is sophisticated, likely including new innovations that either haven't been done before or are specific to your business needs. You've already done the homework of identifying the general project specifications and need a creative team to come in and execute to achieve the intended ROI.

    Average Turnaround time    →    8 - 16 weeks
  • Enterprise Project

    You're ready to pursue a large-scale exeucition and deployment of your AR+VR application. You may have started with a proof of concept to get buy-in or validated the idea with a small scale project. Now your company needs to take the application to the next stage to build out the full solution, including integration with your company's infrastructure."

    Average Turnaround time    →    16 weeks +

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