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Rebranding a Protein Supplement To Reach an Audience Beyond Fitness



Protelicious makes completely natural whey protein powder that is known for its flavor and simplicity - qualities that they’ve taken great care and pride to concoct and provide.

But how do you take protein powder - which is traditionally connected to fitness training - and give it broader appeal to something like a treat, or meal replacement? This was at the core of the challenge that Island Supplements brought to us during their rebranding to Protelicious.

Protelicious brand identity design

"The transparency in their process and committment from their team can't be matched."

Natalie - Cofounder @ Protelicious

Process 1

Goal Focused Concept Designs

Our focus was to keep the logo simplistic in nature so that it would exude refinement, and also help tell the brand’s story. Designing multiple concepts helped us hone in on the core ideas that would be used to build out the branding design and marketing materials.

We presented the Protelicious team with mutliple branding and packaging mockups to help them accomplish their goals: a versatile logo that exuded quality and could resonate just as easily with a fitness-focused person as it could a family.

Protelicious sample brand packaging
Process 2

Building the Brand

The team at Protelicious made their decision and once they got their logo they could not wait to see it on marketing collateral, packaging, menus, and more. We got to work on the items they outlined as most urgent and created a suite of business cards for their staff that they could proudly connect with. We also presented a wide variety of packaging concepts that focused on qualities they wanted to highlight such as quality and a natural vibe.

Process 3

Delivering the Design

After designing all of the different assets, and getting the stamp of approval from the team at Protelicious, we packaged up all of the materials including a requested “editable” stamp version of their logo that they could continually change the slogan with and instructions on how to do so.

Protelicious brand packaging concept