Some of our work

  • Photorealistic Interplanetary Education

    We leveraged surface data from sattelite scans of Mars to recreate the Martian planet as it looks today in photorealistic quality. Educational tools and interactions are provided to allow students to uncover evidence for different research theories of the red planet.

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  • Graphically-Rich Short Stories

    We concepted a series of short stories to explore the limits of richer narratives paired with photorealistic graphics in virtual reality. The concept involved experimenting with body motion capture, facial motion capture, and custom character sculpting.

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  • Safe Freight Transportation

    We worked with the American Chemistry Council to build a VR experience showcasing the innovative safety features of tank cars responsible for transporting chemicals across the US. The experience was showcased to the public and members of Congress.

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  • Showcasing Research Benefits

    We worked with The National Institute of Health to build a VR experience that delivered a series of bite-sized engagements where participants could try a series of medical innovations that were created as a result of the research being conducted at the NIH. The experience was taken on a US road tour across more than 30 US cities.

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  • Accessible Space Exploration

    We worked with PBS Kids to build an engaging, educational Google Cardboard virtual reality experience that transported kids to the moon as an astronaut to let them explore interplanetary life and learn about the solar system. The application was designed and engineered to run cross-platform on almost any iOS or Android VR-enabled smart phone.

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