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How we helped Glamhive deliver a new mobile product experience to match customer demand



As a leading proponent in the world of mobile fashion applications, Glamhive identified early on that although people were happy to evangelize the brands they loved while wearing their clothes, they weren't being rewarded for their referral traffic back to those brands. Glamhive came to us with a need to reimagine their mobile application and scale it for the mass consumer demand they were receiving.

At its core, Glamhive lets people browse through photos of different outfits from friends and gives them the ability to purchase the items they like, making those photos "shoppable" with a kickback going to the original author of the photo who wore the the outfit.

Glamhive application home feed

"I couldn't have asked for a better team to build my product. They eat, sleep, and breathe your vision"

Gisella - Founder @ Glamhive

Process 1

Product Design Based on Customer Needs

Before we got into the thick of rebuilding their existing mobile application, we took time to revisit the user experience and identify what the core value proposition was for Glamhive users and whether the current product experience was matching those expectations.

After identifying the customer’s core needs, we then moved into rethinking the product experience workflow and brand direction. We worked in collaboration with Stonetable to conceptualize and design theme and layout possibilities. After deciding on a final version, it was time to get our development team to work on implementation.

Glamhive application workflow concept
Process 2

Responsive application for all mobile devices

With the revised user experience and product interface, we then began implementing the redesign into the existing mobile application. This involved heavy refactoring of the existing application to account for new feature development and a rethemed experience which provided a more natural, seamless interface for uploading looks and tagging items.

Process 3

Iterate based on customer feedback and deliver

Following the initial completion of the application, the product was beta tested with a subset of customers to collect feedback and from this, we iterated on the product until the green light was given to launch it to the masses.

Glamhive application look details