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How EEI is using VR to show energy company CEOs and city mayors the future ROI of smart city solutions


The Edison Electric Institute

The Edison Electric Institute represents all U.S. investor-owned electric companies and part of the role they play is to constantly push for reliable, affordable, and sustainable electricity solutions.

EEI came to us with the need of conveying those ideas using emerging technology to get greater buy in for their efforts. We used Virtual Reality to create an immersive smart city that people could physically walk through, showing them the underlying structure of how smart cities work. The experience allowed people to interact with smart city infrastructure like EV chargers, motion sensing LED street lights, and the energy grid.

Edison electric institute experience setup

"We couldn't have had a better creative partner. They delivered in an incredibly short time frame and everybody was thrilled with the results"

Niki - Creative Director @ EEI

Process 1

Rapidly prototype visual concept ideas

The setting we wanted to depict with the experience was the near future, as many of these technologies are available to invest in. The storyboarding process allowed our teams to rapidly prototype concept ideas to give tangibility to the story being told before deciding on the final end-user experience.

Once we had the finalized concept direction in hand, we then set out to create all of the production assets from scratch. This involved multiple rounds of object and environment modeling, coloring, texturing, and lighting to emulate the desired experience.

Edison electric virtual reality concept art
Process 2

Build the virtual experience

With the product design assets completed, we then started on developing the core application which involved developing the environment, scenes the player would navigate through, and the interactions players would be able to explore. Heavy user testing was conducted throughout the development process to ensure the expectations of the experience matched the original storyboard concepts.

Process 3

Product delivery and maintenance

Once the product was field tested and ready to go to market, we then had a team of experts travel with EEI to set up the virtual reality experiences and conduct all of the product demos. Updates were continually made to the application as needed and our team was available at every turn to help scale the experience into new cities.

Edison electric institute virtual reality