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How we used design to help Common pre-sell luxury co-living spaces before they were built


Common Co-Living

Common provides luxury co-living homes in the vibrant urban communities of New York, San Francisco, Chicago, and Washington DC. They came to us with a focus on expanding to other locations and with that, they needed a strategy to pre-sell their homes before they were built to maximize their return.

We turned to creating highly photo-realistic renders of what the homes and rooms would look like, giving prospective buyers a true sense of what they would be buying into. These renders were also made to be 360 panoramic photos that would allow the buyer to see a full view of the room to scale.

Common coliving bedroom lamp
Common coliving bedroom front
Common coliving bedroom left view
Process 1

Goal Focused Layout Designs

Equipped with only a diagrammed floor plan and a list of furniture to incorporate, we began with a clay model base of the room layout and objects. Start with this technique of "blocking" out a scene, it allowed both teams to come to a concensus on the design direction of the room. We iterated through a series of conceptual layouts before deciding on the that would be sold to prospective buyers.

Common coliving bedroom top down
Process 2

Iterating Through Designed Concepts

With a relative idea of the room layout from the previous design sprint, we then moved into applying textures to objects, colors to the room, and natural lighting from the windows and doors. From the creases in the bedsheets, to the asymmetry in the cord used for the blinds, to the background we portrayed through the bedroom window, every inch was detailed to help the buyer see the room as their own.

Process 3

Delivering the Final Product

With the final room design selected and polished, we then made renders from multiple viewpoints within the room and then finally a 360 panoramic view of the whole space to give a sense of scale. With these designs in hand, Common was equipped with the sales material they needed to secure buyers for their luxury co-living homes as they expanded to new cities.

Common coliving bedroom angled front