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Immersive experiences
for the digital world

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We're award-winning designers and developers building custom solutions for:

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Virtual Reality

Training, education, and collaboration are only a few areas where VR is transforming how companies sell, market, and deliver their products to customers.

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Augmented Reality

With the most recent addition of ARKit by Apple and ARCore by Google, AR technologies are now becoming widely available to anyone with an iOS or Android device.

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Mixed Reality

Blending the physical and virtual worlds, Mixed Reality is creating a new form of interaction where players and objects can co-exist between both realities.

We also combine emerging technologies to create unforgettable experiences.

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    + Voice Recognition

    With voice recognition technologies built into most headsets, players can use voice commands alone to navigate through your experience or create entirely new worlds.

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    + Blockchain

    Blockchain technologies open up new possibilities for building scalable microtransaction markets to exchange virtual goods in your application.

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    + Artificial Intelligence

    Incorporating artificial intelligence allows you to deliver reactive experiences that respond to every player action, deepening their immersion.

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    + Haptics

    Leveraging haptic technologies, such as gloves and suits, give your experience a surreal sense of physical feedback where there would traditionally be none.

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    + Biometrics

    By measuring blood pressure, heart rate, and other health vitals, you can dynamically change environments to match the mood of the player.

Emerging technologies are impacting every industry which is why our award-winning team is available to help.

How can our award-winning team of futurist engineers and designers help you in your industry?

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    Manufacturing & Prod Design

  • Icon real estate@2x

    Real Estate & Construction

  • Icon ambulance@2x

    Healthcare & Pharmaceutical

  • Icon education@2x

    Education & Training

  • Icon retail@2x

    Retail & Shopping

  • Icon energy@2x

    Energy & Renewables

  • Icon finance@2x

    Economics & Finance

  • Icon entertainment@2x

    Media & Entertainment

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NotionTheory is an award-winning creative product studio specializing in virtual reality, augmented reality, web apps, mobile apps, and motion graphics. Our team is proud to partner with some of the world's most innovative companies to deliver immersive experiences to the masses.

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